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~ Aquarian Age ~

The Astronomical Age - the precession of equinoxes.

International Astronomical Union congress of 1928 defined the boundaries of the constellations, and set the Synetic Vernal Point, which is where, in the sidereal zodiac, the Sun is, at the Vernal (Spring) equinox.
In 221 ce, the SVP was at 0° Aries 0' - the last Vernal equinox of the Arien Age. The next year, on the first day of Spring, the Sun would rise in the constellation Pisces. Astronomically, This is when the Arien Age ended and the Piscean Age began.
The SVP is currently at 5° Pisces 10'. It is calculated that the SVP reaches 0°Pisces0'0" in 2377 ce. The first day of Spring 2378 ce shall have the Sun rising in the constellation Aquarius.

The Astrological Age - the expression of the qualities of the sign.

There is constantly the influence of all twelve signs. As the earth rotates daily, every degree of the zodiac rises in the east, passes overhead, and sets in the west. The Sun, Moon, and planets pass through all of the signs during their sidereal periods - from the Moon's 27 days to Quaoar's 286 years. The times of the beginning and the end of an astrological Age are less sharply defined than the astronomical Age.2cycles

There are two cycles of influence within the Great Year cycle of the precession of equinoxes. There is the cycle of the yang / positive / masculine signs - fire and air; and, the cycle of the yin / negative / feminine signs - earth and water.

1cycleThe influence of an age starts more than 1000 years before the age begins; and, it lasts for another millennium after the age ends. As an age in one cycle is at its peak of influence, the other cycle is at its change point - the lowest influence of one sign ending and one sign beginning. intertwine

At the changing of an age, from yang cycle to yin cycle or vice versa, the influences of the masculine sign cycle and the feminine sign cycle are equal. Both cycles are shown (red / blue) as they intersect the plane of mankind's consciousness (horizontal line).
This two dimensional diagram represents a multi-dimensional existence. This combination of the male and the female life energies is reiterated across religion, philosophy, medicine, and at the physical microbiological level ..... DNA.

DNA vertical aquarius glyphIn this view can be seen the basis for the serpents of the Caduceus of mythology and medicine and of the Kundalini in yoga. This is the real meaning of the Aquarius symbol. While the wavy lines can represent water waves, they show us the fundamental nature of the physical universe as described in string theory physics ..... vibrating strings.

At about 860 bce, the Arien Age was at its peak; the influence of Taurus had diminished; and, the influence of Pisces was just beginning . Then about 1300 ce, while the Piscean Age was at its peak, and the influence of Aries had faded, the influence of Aquarius started to grow.

The Piscean Age has been expressed most clearly through the development and expansion of European civilization, and with it Christianity. "The way into an age is through its opposite sign" - Axiom. In the Christian mythos we have the Christos - Ichthys (the Fish) born of Virgo (the Virgin) whose name is "Mary" - Maré (the Sea). The 'Avatar' or the archetype comes before the defined astronomical beginning of the age. Between 30 ce and 221 ce, Christianity grew from a cult of a dozen or so, to a church - even beyond the Roman empire - competing with established religions.

A defining year of the Piscean Age was 243 ce, when Pluto and Quaoar conjoined at 15°Vir12'14" : Virgo 16, setting the basic tone of the cycle lasting 1753 years; and when Saturn conjoined both Pluto and Quaoar at 16°Virgo17'-57' : Virgo 17, setting the advanced tone and starting a 35 year cycle of consolidation of Christian beliefs and power. (excising heresies and gaining conversions among the ruling class). view wheel chart below

It is more than 350 years until the astronomical Aquarian age; and, although there is a subtle luminescence of the approaching dawn, the qualities of universal: tolerance, equality, knowledge, freedom of individual expression, brotherhood are far from being realized.

The cycle of the Pluto~Quaoar conjunction of 1996-97 will continue for the rest of the Piscean age and then three quarters of the Aquarian Age. The Sabian symbols for that conjunction are Sagittarius 3 and 4 - the tone of the evolution of human consciousness for the next 1800 years.

The Neptune~Quaoar cycle from 1940-41 to 2331 will take the world to the inter-age when the influences of Pisces and Aquarius are nearly equal. This cycle's symbols are Virgo 25 and 26.

The Neptune~Pluto cycle that began in 1891-92 will last until 2385; this tone carries the human race into the beginning of the age of Aquarius; and the symbols are Gemini 8 and 9.

The cycle of Uranus~Pluto from 1965-66 extends the tone, Virgo 17, of the last Pluto~Quaoar cycle (243ce - 1996ce) another hundred years to 2104.

wheel chart 243 ce

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